Joyful Connections with Nalini on DNA and Business

September 23, 2016
The foundational energy on our planet has shifted and continues to do so, have you noticed? So how is this impacting our DNA and how does that play out when it comes to business and your bottom line?

Join me inside the Divine Joy Circle for another Joyful Connections conversation with special guest Nalini from Chalice of Wisdom and Field Tuning as we talk about dissolving the concepts of being male or female, masculine and feminine energy and how that has been programmed in our DNA. What happens when these codings are replaced with light? And how does that change the game of business? 

Listen in and find out why this is one of my favourite conversations to date about practical applications of joy and who knows, you might experience a shift simply by listening and allowing yourself to receive what supports and nourishes your divine essence. Plus Nalini shares a fun game to play over the coming months to tap into what's possible NOW by connecting with your future experience. 

To find out more about Nalini and her upcoming events, go to and to experience field tuning for yourself, go to 

Intro music is an excerpt from The Wonder of Miracles by Craig Urquhart, available at Hearth Earth Music, LLC.

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