Joyful Connections with Shann VanderLeek Behind The Scenes At Goddess Talk Sessions

September 16, 2016
What happens when you break free from the golden handcuffs of a life that simply no longer resonates with your essence and you choose to reinvent yourself? 
Join me inside the Divine Joy Circle for another Joyful Connections conversation with special guest, Transformation Goddess and women's empowerment mentor Shann Vander Leek. She shares the story of how her experiences in previous careers and her passion to walk in beauty led her to create multiple income streams by doing what she loves and how that inspired her to create the Goddess Talk Sessions global online summit. >> 
Her award winning Anxiety Slayer podcast recently reached 3.6 million downloads and Shann shares some fabulous tips for how to explore a variety of ways to consistently create content to share your message with the world and how that relates to every other area of your life as well.
We take a peek behind the scenes of her upcoming Goddess Talk Sessions event and the red thread running through the conversations, such as self care, loving yourself up and giving yourself permission to be who you are. Juicy conversations with inspiring goddesses from around the world sharing their secrets to walking in beauty.

To find out more about Shann, go to and to register for her upcoming Goddess Talk Sessions, go to >>> 

Intro music is an excerpt from The Wonder of Miracles by Craig Urquhart, available at Hearth Earth Music, LLC.

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