Joyful Connections with Nalini on November 2016 Energy Update

November 4, 2016

After the last few months of intense purging of outdated programs, beliefs and agreements, it is now time to allow the nurturing of those parts of the physical body that never really felt whole or healed so that you may bring into your life what truly works for YOU; not what you had to settle for.

Join me inside the Divine Joy Circle for another Joyful Connections conversation with special guest Nalini from Chalice of Wisdom and Field Tuning for an energy update for November 2016. 

Nalini shares some great insights into the ways our bodies were programmed for the old martyrdom cycle and how this must now be cleared and shifted as the energies of this new cycle simply no longer support those programs. Plus some very practical tips for daily practice to support your body with integrating and grounding the light.

To find out more about Nalini and her upcoming events, go to and to experience field tuning for yourself, go to  

Intro music is an excerpt from The Wonder of Miracles by Craig Urquhart, available at Hearth Earth Music, LLC. 

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